The company organizes voluntary blood donation activities

On the morning of July 28, 2021, at the call of the company's party members and comrades, employees enthusiastically signed up and went to the jintan branch of the blood station in the center of Changzhou to participate in the "I donate blood for August 1st" activity sponsored by the International Committee of the Red Cross and the blood donation office of jintan district.




Under the guidance of the staff, the activity site was orderly, and the blood donation volunteers strictly followed the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, showing health codes, measuring body temperature, filling in registration forms, measuring blood pressure and drawing blood for testing.



Among the employees who participated in blood donation, some comrades with better physique took the initiative to donate 400ml and said that they would continue to participate in blood donation activities in the future. "Plus this time, my total blood donation has exceeded 2000ml, and I have never been afraid of such a thick needle. Thinking that my blood can save the lives of others makes me feel very meaningful!" An employee said with a smile. Everyone uses the method of voluntary blood donation to convey infinite warmth to the society, and uses actions to interpret the idea of supporting the army and loving the party, and the spirit of selfless dedication.



Blood can be regenerated, but life cannot be repeated. Volunteers hope to use their own blood to escort the lives of others. Integrity and kindness are the root of human nature and the primary condition of Lakeside Optoelectronics' values. Free blood donation is a virtue of helping others, and it is also a duty and obligation. While pursuing the corporate vision and practicing the corporate mission, Lakeside Optoelectronics has always had the courage to take the initiative to take social responsibility, demonstrating the spirit of enterprise in the new era, caring for others with bit by bit behavior, and giving back to the society with practical actions.

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Actively introduce new ALD equipment, increase production and expand capacity to ensure customer demand

On March 7, 2022, the new atomic layer deposition equipment (ALD) added by the company's expansion arrived at the company's site. The equipment was selected after comprehensive evaluation of many manufacturers and equipment. From equipment selection to personalized customization, it took more than a year before and after, and finally arrived at the company across the ocean. According to strict epidemic prevention requirements, the staff put on protective clothing and started intensive equipment unpacking work.

The original intention is like a rock, and it is determined to move forward - the 2022 Lakeside Optoelectronics Spring Festival Annual Meeting is a complete success

Taurus resigned from the year and returned from the snow, and Tigers welcomed the new joy. On the afternoon of January 27, 2022, the company's annual meeting was held at Jiangnan Mingdu International Hotel. Under the leadership of Chairperson Wu Di and leaders of various departments, all colleagues gathered in a festive, peaceful and warm atmosphere.

The company was invited to participate in the closed-door meeting of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Institute of Microelectronics (national level) "Core Journey, Core Ideas, Leading Post-Moore"

On November 26, 2021, the closed-door meeting and "Open Day" activities of "Industry-Education Integration" jointly organized by the Shenzhen-Hong Kong School of Microelectronics (national level) of SUSTech and the Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association were held in Shenzhen. The theme of this event was "Core Journey, Core Ideas, Leading Post-Moore". The event was chaired by Professor Yu Hongyu, founding dean of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong School of Microelectronics. Yin Minghua, deputy director of the Shenzhen Science and Technology Bureau, dozens of industry professors from the School of Microelectronics and major leaders of semiconductor companies attended. Wu Di, chairperson of the company, was also invited to participate in the event as an industry professor at Southern University of Science and Technology.




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