In 2021, the company's third team building - employee physical examination and "Changjin Lake" movie viewing activity

In order to effectively maintain the physical and mental health of employees and help employees support the "health umbrella company", the company carried out an annual physical examination activity at the Meinian Health Examination Center on the morning of November 26, 2021. At the same time, in order to promote the spirit of patriotism, absorb the strength of forge ahead, and stimulate the sense of responsibility and mission of enterprises and employees, the company organized to watch the movie "Changjin Lake" in the afternoon.

The film "Changjin Lake" takes the battle of Changjin Lake in the War of Resistance Against U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea as the background, and tells the touching story of the 9th Corps of the Chinese People's Volunteers dividing and encircling the U.S. military in the Changjin Lake area, destroying more than 13,000 enemies, and reversing the battlefield situation to defeat the strong. "The mountains and rivers are broken and the wind is drifting, and the life experience is ups and downs.", the film objectively reproduces the tragic and tragic battlefield of Resistance Against U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea, and shows the Chinese people's responsibility and responsibility of "the rise and fall of the country, and everyone is responsible".

The enemy faced by the volunteer soldiers was not only the well-equipped US military, but also the harsh combat environment. The volunteer soldiers lay in the snow, grabbed a handful of snow and stuffed it in their mouths when they were thirsty, and gnawed on the frozen potatoes when they were hungry. Many soldiers broke their teeth, while the US military not far away was drinking cocktails and eating turkey in the camp to celebrate Thanksgiving. But none of this could defeat the steel will of the volunteer soldiers, nor could they shake their determination to fight the US military back to the 38th parallel. In the end, with a strong will and determination to win, the Ninth Corps of the Volunteer Army, in the snow-covered Changjin Lake area, under the severe cold of minus 30 or 40 degrees, severely damaged the 1st Marine Division, the main force of the US Army, and on November 27, 1950, annihilated the elite "Polar Bear Regiment" of the 7th Division. When the U.S. military was defeated and retreated, they found rows of Chinese soldiers with guns and grenades. They had been frozen into "ice sculptures", which is the famous "ice sculpture company" in history. Although they died, they always maintained a fighting posture and held on to their trenches. Smith, the U.S. division commander, couldn't help but salute and sigh: "In the face of such a determined enemy, we will never be able to defeat them!"

As Chairperson Mao said: "If you fight with one punch, you won't get a hundred punches!" This battle ended the history of "Western colonialists setting up a few artillery pieces on the eastern coast to enslave a country". As the saying goes, "if you do difficult things, you will achieve something". Our corporate development path is often as imperative as the battle to resist US aggression and aid Korea. Under special circumstances, companies must implement the "strategic decision-making battle" regardless of all difficulties and obstacles, identify the line and persevere.

The War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea not only inspired the development of the company, but also shook every employee. The Chinese People's Volunteers finally won, which is the cohesion of willpower and centripetal force. The workplace is like a battlefield, and everyone must have a strong sense of responsibility. Just like in the film, when encountering a raid by the U.S. military, everyone was broken into pieces. In order not to be discovered by the enemy, they could not use any communication tools. Everyone could only find a way to complete the combat mission by themselves, and finally succeeded in ambush, causing heavy losses to the enemy. Lei Suisheng, the platoon leader of the Seventh Company Artillery Platoon, in order to prevent his comrades-in-arms from being bombed by enemy planes, put the marker bombs thrown by the enemy on the car, drove the car to the enemy camp, endured the pain of flesh and blood, hummed optimistically "Yimeng Mountain Ditty", and finally died heroically. Seeing this, many colleagues were moved and shed tears. Everyone is like a volunteer soldier at work. They take the initiative to find a way, act consciously, and have a fearless spirit in the face of difficulties. What other work difficulties can bind us?

In the development of an enterprise, all departments should cooperate with each other and fight together for a common goal. Work requires a strong sense of teamwork, and egoism has no future. During the Battle of Changjin Lake, the volunteer soldiers of the Seventh Company used stones as cover and held their breath motionless in order to avoid the reconnaissance of enemy aircraft. However, when the enemy fired indiscriminately, some people were seriously injured, and even their arms were blown off, their flesh and blood were blurred, and they endured the pain and did not make a sound, because any movement would cause the entire company to be discovered, which would kill their teammates in a hail of bullets. At work, if everyone has such a big picture view, take the initiative to undertake and pay, and form a team with a rope, they will be fearless in the face of no matter how big the difficulties are.

In the film, Mei Sheng, an instructor of the Seventh Company, wiped the photo of his daughter and said: "We have fought all the battles that should be fought, and our younger generation will not have to fight." The hero is fiery and unyielding, and he goes to the battlefield only for the peace of his family and country. After the movie ended, when they walked out of the theater, everyone saw the traffic, water, and lights in the city, and they couldn't help but sigh: "In a peaceful and prosperous world, what qualifications do we have not to work hard?"

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