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VR has attracted much attention and talked about the development prospect of VR industry

VR has attracted much attention and talked about the development prospect of VR industry

Industry news
2018/07/04 15:21
The rise of VR technology has brought new opportunities to many fields. At the same time, many technology giants have joined the ranks of VR. These technology giants have been involved in the research and development of related technologies and products since the rise of VR. Let's take a look at the future of VR industry .
Strengthen interdisciplinary technical reserve
Focusing on the key technologies of near-eye display, network transmission, perception interaction, rendering processing and content production, the VR technology system is introduced into the related technologies of optical, electronics, computer, communication, medicine, psychology, cognitive science and human factor engineering. In this way, we will strengthen intellectual property rights, optimize the main structure and geographical distribution of Chinese patent applications, strengthen the construction of patent cooperation authorization and risk prevention and control mechanisms, and actively explore ways to integrate virtual reality with 5G, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, intelligent manufacturing, cloud computing and other major fields.
Technology upgrading, China's virtual reality market is vast
In the current VR virtual reality market, the development of industry chain is relatively primitive, but it has formed the embryonic form of industry cycle. After a 3-5 year period of conventional growth, VR industry will become an indispensable part of b-end customers in the field of matching and play a role in various industries through technical features. With the continuous improvement of VR virtual reality technology, virtual reality terminals have started to evolve from single to multiple, from separation to integration, and the application industry has been continuously expanding.
We will build a public service platform and enhance our industrial service capabilities
The virtual reality software and hardware engineering system is constructed to form the public service capabilities of component supply, test verification, manufacturing consultation and so on. A data platform for the application of key technologies, industrial chain ecology and content in the field of virtual reality will be established, laying a foundation for the analysis of industrial operation, policy formulation, intellectual property rights, personnel training, external cooperation and standard formulation. It provides product evaluation and verification service for user experience, security and reliability, software and hardware cooperation and performance indicators. We will give full play to the role of capital and local investment in stimulating emerging technologies, encourage and guide local governments to increase resource investment, and support the development and application of virtual reality industries by setting up special funds, government and social capital cooperation models and other forms.
Nowadays, VR has become the focus technology of all walks of life. This technology is developing rapidly, bringing new opportunities to all walks of life, and enabling more enterprises to see the huge development space of this technology.